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Monday, February 8, 2010

Write A Letter or Send a Card!

Write Bradley an Email! Send an E-Card to uplift him! Whatever it may be, he's sure to be happy to hear from you!

You can also mail a card to Bradley Allen c/o Blank Childrens Hospital 1200 Pleasant St. Des Moines, IA 50309


Keith Hoffman said...

I love you little man. Keep fighting and stay strong.

your cuz,

Amanda said...

We are thinking of you everyday and praying for you. We wish you a full recovery. WE miss seeing your smiling face around RLC! Show us all how god works!
We love you little guy!
The James'
Amanda, Andy, Mackenzie, and Kole

Anonymous said...

Little Bradley-Doll,
Thinking of you and praying for you everyday,

Anonymous said...

hey Angie its your nephew Thomas tell Bradley i LOVE !!!! him and i love u 2 angie

Anonymous said...

Dear Angie its your nephew Thomas Love u & Bradley I hope he gets better +how r u? I LOVE YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear aunt Angie & uncle Crhis ive seen what u said abour bradley which leaves me crying ihope he gets better i will be praying for him and i also love u both your nephew Thomas

Anonymous said...

i love Bradly i do indeed he is cute he is sweet he`s an angle from his head to his feet i hope he gets better with kiss and a hug also that Docter too get rid of the bug ilove little Bradley and Elijah & Ashely & Brinty also Chris and Angie love Thomas.D.Hammond

Chandra Holm said...

Hey there little guy,

We've never met but hopefully some day we can. You're so strong and so is your mom, dad and the rest of your family and friends who love you so much. Your family is doing amazing things for you!!

My prayers are with you and I will make sure to pass your story along...hopefully you'll get more little comments like mine. Keep your head up buddy, you've got a lot of life left inside that little body of yours!


Anonymous said...

In these last few moments, thank your parents for adding humanity to the cause! I love you, little man, but not like God! Say hi to the big man for me! We will see you when I get there!

Anonymous said...

You chose Bradley and his family to bring Your light to many others. May your blessings flow like water on his family!