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Thursday, October 31, 2013

His birthday is coming up soon..November 7th to be exact..he will be 6 years old and even though he will be celebrating it with Jesus and all the other little Angels.....Angie and I th...ought in honor of his life and to pay tribute to the hospital that allowed us to have more time with our precious boy and our other 3 beautiful children. We are gonna make the month of November Bradley's miracle fund month. We are going to except donations all through the month and in December we will send a check to St. Judes to help in the fight against child hood cancer in the name of Bradley. If half of his followers sent 1 dollar we could raise over $25000. Dollars....wow!!! That would be awesome...I'm interested in knowing what y'all think. Would you support this idea? Please let us know. Thank you and god Bless!