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Thursday, October 31, 2013

His birthday is coming up soon..November 7th to be exact..he will be 6 years old and even though he will be celebrating it with Jesus and all the other little Angels.....Angie and I th...ought in honor of his life and to pay tribute to the hospital that allowed us to have more time with our precious boy and our other 3 beautiful children. We are gonna make the month of November Bradley's miracle fund month. We are going to except donations all through the month and in December we will send a check to St. Judes to help in the fight against child hood cancer in the name of Bradley. If half of his followers sent 1 dollar we could raise over $25000. Dollars....wow!!! That would be awesome...I'm interested in knowing what y'all think. Would you support this idea? Please let us know. Thank you and god Bless!


Unknown said...

Hello!! How soon would you like the donations to be made by? I just now seen this message and although I do not see any other responces to this, I'm also viewing this from my android so I could be wrong. Lol! I cannot afford much since I'm on SSDI myself, but I will definitely send all I can to help you do this in Bradley's name for such a great cause!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a one God, tongue talking, born again believer in the power of JESUS ' name, debtor to love like He loves. Because He is living and loving in and through me I believe that I'm here to tell you that what you are doing here on this site is great and to ask you to continue. I have contributed to St. Judes before and reading about Bradley today has reminded me to contribute again. I don't have much to give at this time. However,I can give ten dollars. In memory of Bradley. Love of the Lord and blessings on you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving day! I want to follow your posts on Bradley.