Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another surgery?

I just spoke with Chris, Bradley's dad...Bradley and the Allen's need some prayers from all of us.
When the last surgery was performed at Mayo Clinic, we believed it to be very successful and that they had gotten enough of the tumor out for the proton therapy to destroy the remaining tumor. The neurosurgeon stated "We removed as much of the tumor as we could. Any additional removal would devastate the nerves to his face, more then likly never to recover". Today, Dr. Chang, who will be administering the proton therapy, called and said that more tumor would need to be removed for the proton therapy to work. This would mean another surgery before proton therapy can begin.
We are hopeful that the neurosurgeon at Mayo will look at the MRI again and maybe see something different this time that will allow him to extract more of the tumor without the devastating affects he mentioned after the last surgery. Or maybe St. Jude's would be able to help now? All options are being explored and discussed at length.
Chris and Angie are devasted by this news, but are so amazingly strong. Their positive attitude that a solution WILL be found and their faith that God will help them through this time and will cure Bradley is so inspiring. Please say some prayers for Bradley, the entire Allen family, the doctors who will have to perform yet another surgery on little Bradley and the doctors who will administer the proton therapy.
We will keep you updated. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Friday, July 2, 2010


A message from Bradley's dad Chris via his Facebook page:

Well....looks like Bradley and I will be in Indiana longer then we wanted or expected. He has yet another infection and we don't know where yet. We know it is called "Grahm Negative Rods", but that is about all we know. Anybody know any thing about this? We would appreciate it if you would all continue to pray for Bradley. Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy your families. Let off some fire works for me :-)
I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

URGENT! Prayers needed!

Bradley had surgery done late last night/this morning to place 3 tiny screws in his head that will act as a navigation system for the Proton therapy. All went well with that and the Allen family was supposed to be able to head for home today or tomorrow, however, Bradley has developed a fever of 103 and the doctors in Indiana have decided to admit him. Please, please, say some prayers for him that they get the fever down quickly and that this turns out to be nothing.
Thank you for your prayers!