Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope you all are ready for the holidays and can spend them with your loved ones. I am very much looking forward to being home for Christmas with my WHOLE family. Bradley has been doing very well. He seems to be making gains every day. He has his first MRI the week after Christmas to find out if the tumor and cancer are truly gone as we pray that they are. He has come so far and beat so many odds that We believe that he will be triumphant and live a long and prosperous life. For now we are just focusing on the holidays and very thankful that we will all be together. We are very grateful to all of the people out there that in some way have helped us in time of need in the previous months. If not for your donations we would not have been able to get him all the care he needed and still be able to take care of the other kids and keep our home. We can never thank you enough, but I will try...Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please enjoy your family's and lets look forward to a great New Year, god bless you all!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Coming home!

Tomorrow is the day that we all have been praying and waiting for for a very long time! We are going home tomorrow and should be home before the sun sets. It seems like we have been here for ever, but it realy has only been 7 weeks.Bradley will start physical therapy as soon as we get back along with occupational and speach.Bradley has been his happy little self each and every day.He is a true inspiration to alot of people including myself. My oldest son was in his first Taekwondo tournament on Saturday.He did realy awesome and at the end the presented him with a $1000.00 check for Bradley's bills.Channel 13 was there and did the story for the 6 and 10 O'clock news.It was realy cute hearing Elijah say that Bradley looks just like him.I have an interview on Thursday, so hopefully I will have a job very soon.I have been lowering the doses of bradleys meds for about three weeks and as of right now he hasn't had any in over 24 hours.He also has been getting all his food directly into his G-tube and and I haven't used his J-tube in over a month. It feels like we are on the road to recovery.Thank you for all your prayers and support over the past months.You all have helped us through a very tough time in our lives.Take care and god bless you all!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bradley's Birthday

So sorry we haven't posted any updates lately.It's so easy to get caught up in the moment some times.You all have followed and supported Bradley since the beginning and we are eternally thankful.Bradley has been doing great!The side effects that we were told he may experience have been nonexistent.Which is a good thing obviously.We are down to our final 6 treatments...woot...woot!We can't wait to be home with the rest of the family and doing normal stuff.Bradley will start his physical, speech, and occupational therapy as soon as we return home.He has gotten so strong that I am sure he will be walking within his second week.When you stop and really think about this past year....it's amazing to be where we are right now....all the late nights filled with uncertainty.All the different doctors and nurses that we have met a long the way.All the different hospitals and beds that we have slept in.Dreaming of the day when you finally wake up in your home surroundings....for good.All of the thousands of people...praying and believing with us...that this day would come and even though this is not the end of his story.It certainly will take on a new beginning.
We love, thank, and appreciate all your thoughts, prayers, and support.You have helped us to reach god....he has heard and he is in our corner.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Proton Therapy

Bradley and his dad Chris went to Indiana last week for Bradley to start his proton therapy. He is now in his second week and so far so good! Bradley is a little tired but doing well. Chris and Bradley will be in Indiana for about 7 weeks for treaments.
The Allen family has many reasons to celebrate coming up. Angie's birthday is this Sunday, Chris's birthday is the 20th, their wedding anniversary is the 2nd of November, and most importantly, Bradley's birthday is on the 7th of November...he will be three!!!

I posted awhile back about the gift card shower currently going on...let's make their birthdays extra special and send a gift card to the family! It's going to be hard to have all of these occasions pass with the family not together right now.

Information on the gift card shower can be found here: http://www.bradleys-story.com/2010/08/gift-card-shower.html

As always, your prayers and support are much appreciated. Bradley has been such a brave strong little boy through all of this, but he still has a tough road ahead. Please keep him, and the Allen family, in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do you have your Bradley’s Buddies t-shirt yet??

T-Shirts are no longer available. Thank you for your interest and support!

If not, now’s the time to get one! We are placing an order for Bradley’s Buddies t-shirts on September 30th!!

Size options:
Infant - 6M, 9M, 12M
Youth - YXS (2-4), YS (6-8), YM (10-12), YL (14-16)
Adult - S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL*

Cost is $10 each.
*Adult 2XL and 3XL please add $2.00 per shirt

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intergalactic BBQ is Saturday!

Join us on Saturday for the Intergalactic BBQ presented by Bradley's Buddies!
There will be lots of food, 6 Star Wars characters, a bounce house provided by the National Guard, a costume contest and a silent auction! Rumor has it there is a Kurt Warner autograph as a part of the silent auction! A fun event for the whole family!

Saturday, September 18
Crestbruck Park, Ankeny
(located at NE 9th & NE Crestmoor Place)

Bring your camera— Free Will Donation
LUNCH — Free Will donation — ($5 per person suggested)
COSTUME CONTEST — 12:30pm – Prize Awarded
SILENT AUCTION and LIVE MUSIC also going throughout the event.

Ankeny First United Methodist Church, 206 SW Walnut St, Ankeny

We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out of ICU!

Bradley is out of ICU! He is still on oxygen but is doing better. There have been several ups and downs the last few days, including a second surgery to remove more tumor from his spinal chord (they DID get all from his brain in the first surgery). The best news though is that there is no tumor left!! Bradley still has a long way to go and many hurdles to jump but so far, God is listening to all of our prayers and has brought him this far.

Thank you for all the prayers and support and please, continue to keep Bradley in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Out of surgery and great news!

Chris and Angie just let me know that the surgeon came to speak to them and thinks that he got ALL of the tumor! ALL OF IT!!! Bradley will be kept sedated until he has his MRI tomorrow and the MRI results will be the real determination on how much of the tumor was removed, but right now, this is excellant news! The doctor said it went better than they could have ever expected!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Please keep the prayers coming for the MRI to show that there is no more tumor!!

Surgery update

Bradley's surgery started this morning at 7AM. It took them about an hour to get to the spot they need to be at and they have started the removal of the tumor. The tumor has grown quite a bit, but not near the spot that the Proton Therapy doctor wanted removed. The doctor feels he can get the tumor that has grown and then will work on performing more miracles. They have called every hour on the hour and said all is going well. When surgery is done Bradley will be admitted into ICU for a day or two afterwards, but we get to keep our room they had him in last night. They did start him on strong meds last night as well as steroids to help reduce any swelling.

Chris and Angie are wearing their Bradley's Buddies shirts today as are several others that have them. Thank you for your prayers and we'll keep you updated. Pleaes keep praying.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update and the Intergalactic BBQ!

The Allen family has traveled to St. Jude's hospital in hopes that the doctor's there can remove more of Bradley's tumor so the proton therapy will be successful. They traveled to St. Jude's not knowing whether insurance would cover another surgery or not, but planned to move ahead either way, as this is the best path to take for Bradley. They found out today that insurance WILL cover the surgery, which is AWESOME news!!

Bradley will have yet another MRI tomorrow, so please say some prayers that the tumor has not grown. As long as the MRI results show that the tumor has not grown beyond what is manageable, Bradley will have another surgery on Friday.

Please keep Bradley and the Allen family in your prayers, especially over the next few days!

On another note, a new fund raiser is in the works! Bradley's Buddies Presents an Intergalactic BBQ!! The Allen family's church is putting on the latest fund raiser to help raise money for the protone therapy and other expenses. There will 3-5 actual star wars characters in attendance, a silent auction, Wookie burgers, Anikon dogs, and many other fun things for every one to enjoy! The event will be held September 18, from 11:00am - 2:00pm at Crestbrook Park, NE 9th & Crestmoore Pl in Ankeny, IA, We'd love to see you there!

As always, many thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers. God Bless!

MRI is set for tomorrow!

Insurance has approved his surgery for Friday! So we go in tomorrow in the morning for the MRI and then they will have him admitted into the hospital. PRAY that there is no infection and pray this doctor can do more surgery for Bradley. He needs a few more miracles to beat this! PLEASE spread the word about this and wear your Bradley's Buddies shirts this Friday:) This Sat is LaVitsef in Ankeny. They have chosen to support Bradley this year. Please read the carepages and join in the fun this weekend! We went last year and had a blast! Elijah was the Prince of Ankeny last year and was honored at this festival. I wish we could be there but we will be in spirit! Thank you again for all your support and keep up the prayers!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Gift Card Shower

School is just around the corner, which brings with it excitement, but also the demand for school supplies and school clothing. Then the holidays are upon us and Santa Clause must make this Christmas extra special. All this on top of the day to day expenses of food, clothing, gas, medications, personal supplies, etc make for a lot of financial challenges for Bradley’s family.

To help with these expenses, a gift card shower is being planned for Bradley and his family. Karen Boeding, who held the garage sale benefit for Bradley, is heading up this latest fund raiser. This is an opportunity for everyone, no matter where they live, to help lighten the burden for this young family as they continue to pray for Bradley's full recovery.

Any gift card amount is a blessing. Please help make this showering of gift cards a huge success.
Some ideas for gift cards are:
• Walmart
• Target
• Toys R Us
• Fareway
• Hy-Vee
• Caseys
• Walgreens
• Quik Trip
• Children’s Place
• Great Clips
• Sports Clips
• McDonalds
• Pizza Places

A gift card from anywhere will be accepted and greatly appreciated!

Please mail your gift cards to
Karen Boeding
6977 NE 8th Ct.
Ankeny, IA 50023

Karen will be honored to give the Allen Family your donations.

As always, thank you for all of your prayers and support! Let’s make this fundraiser a huge success!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another surgery?

I just spoke with Chris, Bradley's dad...Bradley and the Allen's need some prayers from all of us.
When the last surgery was performed at Mayo Clinic, we believed it to be very successful and that they had gotten enough of the tumor out for the proton therapy to destroy the remaining tumor. The neurosurgeon stated "We removed as much of the tumor as we could. Any additional removal would devastate the nerves to his face, more then likly never to recover". Today, Dr. Chang, who will be administering the proton therapy, called and said that more tumor would need to be removed for the proton therapy to work. This would mean another surgery before proton therapy can begin.
We are hopeful that the neurosurgeon at Mayo will look at the MRI again and maybe see something different this time that will allow him to extract more of the tumor without the devastating affects he mentioned after the last surgery. Or maybe St. Jude's would be able to help now? All options are being explored and discussed at length.
Chris and Angie are devasted by this news, but are so amazingly strong. Their positive attitude that a solution WILL be found and their faith that God will help them through this time and will cure Bradley is so inspiring. Please say some prayers for Bradley, the entire Allen family, the doctors who will have to perform yet another surgery on little Bradley and the doctors who will administer the proton therapy.
We will keep you updated. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Friday, July 2, 2010


A message from Bradley's dad Chris via his Facebook page:

Well....looks like Bradley and I will be in Indiana longer then we wanted or expected. He has yet another infection and we don't know where yet. We know it is called "Grahm Negative Rods", but that is about all we know. Anybody know any thing about this? We would appreciate it if you would all continue to pray for Bradley. Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy your families. Let off some fire works for me :-)
I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

URGENT! Prayers needed!

Bradley had surgery done late last night/this morning to place 3 tiny screws in his head that will act as a navigation system for the Proton therapy. All went well with that and the Allen family was supposed to be able to head for home today or tomorrow, however, Bradley has developed a fever of 103 and the doctors in Indiana have decided to admit him. Please, please, say some prayers for him that they get the fever down quickly and that this turns out to be nothing.
Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Link to Channel 13 news video

Here is a link to the Channel 13 news story that ran last night that Angie mentioned in the last post:
Please continue to pray for Bradley and the Allen family as they head to Indiana this week!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tonight on Channel 13 either at the 5pm or 10pm news story they are airing story-the update story:) This is Angie Bradley's mom and Chris and I are going to start trying to help Melissa keep this page updated. Not sure how this will go, but we will try. Melissa is still the main one who will do this...so thank you to Melissa! So we are way pumped to have the oppurtunity give to us to do a follow up story on Bradley! So much progress has been made! He is eating and drinking. His speech is still limited, but his is trying so hard. The left side of his face is still paralyzed. Hoping in time that comes back but for now he is still our precious little boy and always will be. This next week we start a new adventure in Indiana. We are meeting w/ the doctors to start the proton therapy. He will have 4 markers placed during a surgery on Thursday. Then we will head home for a few weeks. From there we will return to Indiana for 7 weeks of Proton Therapy. We would like to thank all of you for your time and support of us...for the million of prayers said. Without all of you following and doing what you are doing we wouldn't be where we are at today. Hope you all are having a great weekend and take care.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Surgery update

Bradley had surgery last night and the doctors did better then they expected!! They got 90% of the remaining tumor which leaves only 1.5 centimeters of tumor! This was the goal the doctor's were striving towards as a tumor that small increases the chances of the next steps success rate.

An MRI is being done this morning and the results will be sent to Indiana to see if Bradley is a candidate for a new therapy called Proton Therapy. This is the best therapy out there for his type of tumor. If he isn't a candidate for this, then radiation will be done to destroy the rest of the tumor. Please join us in praying for Bradley to be approved for Proton therapy.

Thank you for all of the prayers yesterday. This is a big step but not the last so please, PLEASE, continue to pray for little Bradley.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Extra Prayers Needed

Tomorrow, Bradley goes in for another MRI and surgery. Please say some extra prayers for him and the Allen family. This is a very important surgery that needs to go well. The doctors are trying to remove as much of Bradley's remaining tumor as possible.
If you have a Bradley's Buddies T-shirt or a Prayers for Bradley bracelet, please wear them tomorrow in support of the family, to remind yourself to pray as often as you can and to spread his story.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garage Sale to benefit Bradley!

Next Saturday, May 29th, there will be a garage sale held with all proceeds going to Bradley and the Allen family. Here are the details:
UPDATE! Sale is both Friday AND Saturday, May 28th and 29th, 8 AM - 5 PM at Tom Reid's
2002 NW 10th Street
Ankeny, Iowa
Items for the sale may be donated Monday - Friday at Big Barn Harley-Davidson
81 NW 49th Place
Des Moines, Iowa 50313
Ask for Karen Boeding
Or for drop off arrangements, contact Tom Reid @ 515-249-8178
Please no TVs, furniture, appliances, lawn mowers or snow blowers.
All of your prayers and support are much appreciated as well.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Bucks for Bradley Benefit

From the Facebook page for the event:
Bucks for Bradley is a benefit concert being put together to raise funds and awareness for Bradley Allen; a two year old little boy. He has a rare form of brain cancer and is battling it as we speak , as is his whole family. Everyday is a battle for the Allens , so some old friends of the family have pulled together with me to put on a concert to help with expenses and anything else they need! Support at this time in their fight is priceless and the more we can rally up to attend the benefit the more the Allens can concentrate on Bradley instead of bills. The Allens deserve to focus all their attention to the children at this point in their life , instead of bills! So rally with us and help us help them!!!
Jeremy Easley
The benefit is scheduled for July 9th and July 10th! Here is link to the Facebook page for the benefit: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=333754108707&v=info&ref=ts
Hope everyone can make it and as always, thank you all for the continued prayers for Bradley and the Allen family!

Friday, April 16, 2010


From Bradley's mom:
"Preliminary tests are in and they believe it to be infection only...doesn't look like the cancer spread like they thought. Thank God. Thanks for the millions of prayers everyday. I finally have tears of joy. Know we are in the best place ever at Mayo for Bradley! Also, this was only the preliminary ones that they are basing info off of. Final reports are not in yet...but preliminary tend to be accurate. Thank God."
Thank you everyone for all the prayers...please keep them up and keep spreading Bradley's story!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Please pray for a miracle...

An update from Bradley's parents via the Carepages site:

The Doctor called us down at 2:30 to speak with us. I have never felt so many emotions at one time. Anger, fear, sorrow, oh how this hurts.....Doctor said when he reopened Bradley to begin removing tumor his entire brain canal was covered in a layer of ... stuff. He has to send it to the pathology for determination.......he believes it to be tumor......if this is the case there will be no more surgery. We need to pray that is not the case! If it is an infection, they will need to treat it with antibiotics before another sugery can occur.
We will have to wait a few days for the report and in the mean time we will be here at the hospital. One thing is for sure we will be taking all the kids to Disney World as soon as possible! We will make GREAT memories with all the kids to remeber forever....I can't stop crying....this is so unfair.....we've come so far and been through so much....trying to figure out a plan of action.
The doctor will be up here in about an hour to speak with us some more. The Doctor explained that the layer is attached to the brain and when he tried to move it pulled at the entire brain making surgery impossible. If this is the case we will use the video camera to make some great memories. I don't know what else to say right now....

Please everyone, please, please pray for a miracle for Bradley and the Allen family.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Please pray for Bradley's surgery tomorrow!!!

Here's a post from Bradley's dad:
Tomorrow is the big day! Bradley's fate will be decided on what tumor can or can not be removed. We ask...no...we beg you to PLEASE PLEASE pray for the doctors to have the wisdom and the accuracy to perform a miracle in tomorrow's surgery. I would gladly do any favor for all of you when you need it, but for now, we need you to post on your walls to get as many people praying as humanly possible. Thank you.
Please, pray with all of us for Bradley's miracle!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mayo and Bucks for Bradley benefit links

Bradley went to see the doctors at Mayo this week. The doctors there think that there is a lot more they can do for him, which is great news!! He will be having another surgery, probably next week, as well as radiation done there.

More benefits are coming up soon! We will be posting more details here as they are made available, but for now, you can check out the Bucks for Bradley benefit Myspace Page - http://www.myspace.com/bucks4bradley

If you are on Facebook, you can also join the Bucks for Bradley Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=333754108707

This is going to be a HUGE, AWESOME benefit so please help us spread the word!!
As always, your prayers, continued support and spreading Bradley's Story are much appreciated!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Picture updates

We have added photos from two recent benefits for Bradley and his family. The first photos are from the Chili Supper benefit which was held on March 5th in Ankeny, Iowa.

Check out all the pictures from the Chili Supper Benefit here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bradleysstory/sets/72157623722350718/show
There was also a Battle of the Bands benefit held last weekend. Photos from that event are here:
Please continue to pray for Bradley and his family as they await the move to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Hopefully this move will occur next weekend.
Thank you for all the prayers, support, donations and for continuing to tell others Bradley's Story.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some awesome news!

Today, the physical therapy staff held his arms and Bradley walked to his dad and gave him a big hug!! This is such wonderful progress!!
He continues to make huge strives every day. Chris says "He is our little miracle thanks to all your thoughts and prayers"
Bradley will be going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN in a few weeks. The doctors there are hopeful they will be able to remove more of his tumor.

As always, thank you for your thoughts and prayers and please continue to share Bradley's Story with others and ask them to join us in prayer for him and the Allen family.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A huge success!

The Chili Supper Benefit held last night for Bradley was a HUGE success! Thank you so much to all of you that came and showed your support, donated items, and volunteered your time.
A very special thanks to Tracey Bolin for doing such a fabulous job with the organization of the entire night!
Thank you all so much for the prayers and support for Bradley and the Allen family. We ask that you continue to share his story and pray for him.
Check back soon! We will be posting photos from the Chili Supper int he next few days!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chili Supper is TOMORROW!!!

On Friday, March 5th, from 5-8PM, a Chili Supper Fundraiser will be held with all proceeds going to the Allen family. The supper will be held at
Holy Trinity Luthern Church
517 Southwest Des Moines Street
Ankeny, IA 50023-2805
(515) 964-4348
Hope to see everyone there!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Important Message from Chris, Bradley's dad

Hi everyone. I just received a phone call from Bradley's dad Chris. He asked that I please update the site immediately to assure everyone that he has NOT quit his job as the newspaper article incorrectly reported today. Chris apologizes for getting everyone upset and he is very disturbed that the newspaper inaccurately reported this.

Once again, Chris has NOT quit his job and is still working at Village Inn!!

Bradley's Story in the Des Moines Register

The Des Moines Register published a story about Bradley today. To read the story online, please visit http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=20102250317

Your continued prayers, donations and support are much appreciated.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chili Supper Fundraiser

On Friday, March 5th, from 5-8PM, a Chili Supper Fundraiser will be held with all proceeds going to the Allen family. The supper will be held at
Holy Trinity Luthern Church
517 Southwest Des Moines Street
Ankeny, IA 50023-2805
(515) 964-4348
Our friend Tracey Bolin is putting together a silent auction to be held at this event. If any of you might know of a business or individual that might be willing to donate a gift card or an item to auction for Bradley's Miracle Fund, please contact us as soon as possible as we need to put together a pamphlet by the first of next week. Please send an email to Melissa@bradleys-story.com if you have an item for the auction or contact Tracey, Chris or Angie on Facebook. You can also leave a comment on this post.

Thank you and God bless.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A reason to give thanks to God and celebrate!

Bradley spoke today for the first time since his initial surgery!!

Here is a quote from Bradley's dad's Facebook page:
"If you don't believe in miracles....let me tell you of one! I was praying with the hospital priest, and right in the middle of praying for Bradleys quick recovery.......he said his first word.........he said mom! But he didn't say it just once....he said it three times! If that doesn't give you goose bumps and make you believe......then there is no hope for you! Thank you for all your prayers! Please continue and check out his site www.bradleys-story.com"

Thank you all for your prayers and please keep them coming. God is great and hears each and everyone one of us in our pleas for his help.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bradley's Buddies T-shirts

T-Shirts are no longer available. Thank you for your interest and support!
Join Bradley's fan club by purchasing an official Bradley's Buddies t-shirt!!
This fundraiser is sponsored by Ressurection Luthern Church in Ankeny, Iowa. All money raised goes to the Allen family to help with expenses. Shirts are royal blue with a white logo.

Size options:
Infant - 6M, 9M, 12M
Youth - YXS (2-4), YS (6-8), YM (10-12), YL (14-16)
Adult - S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL*

Cost is $10 each.
*Adult 2XL and 3XL please add $2.00 per shirt

To order, please email iowapotter@yahoo.com with the following information:
Name and mailing address
Email address, phone number
Sizes and quantities of t-shirts

For local orders, you will be contacted with a time and location for pick-up and payment. Ordering for a group of people through one contact person would be helpful.

For out of town orders, please mail the above information with payment for shirt and shipping to:
Resurrection Luthern Church
914 NW Ash Drive
Ankeny, IA 50023
Shipping costs:
1-2 shirts $5
3-9 shirts $11
10-15 shirts $15
For larger orders to be shipped or other questions, please contact Vali Potter @515-577-6193

Shirts will also be available for purchase at the Chili Supper fundraiser on March 5th!

Please make checks payable to RLC and note in the memo "For Bradley's Buddies".
Permanant link to this information is coming soon on our website!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A great big thank you...

Today I want to take a minute to thank the actual designer of www.bradleys-story.com.

When I came up with the idea of having a website, I knew I wanted it to look better than what I could create myself. So I put up a request for help on a website called etsy.com. I received a lot of responses and offers to help, some for seriously reduced rates and some for free.

Dana (http://lilybeandesigns.blogspot.com) so graciously offered to donate her time and extreme talent to design the site for us and I honestly believe God had a hand in us working together. I could not have found a more perfect person for this project. She and I worked well together and she was so excited and happy and even grateful to be the one to help. I never expected someone to thank me for the opportunity to donate her time and talent!

Thank you Dana. Your kindness, patience, time and talent are much, much appreciated.

In addition, Dana is really helping to spread Bradley's story. She's a member of his Facebook group, has posted about this site in her own blog and is spreading the word to her friends.

I ask that all of you continue to do the same. Let's get people worldwide praying for Bradley!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Extra prayers needed today

Today is a big day for little Bradley. He has three different surgeries scheduled and we are hoping that the overall outcome will be that no permanent shunt will have to be placed. Please say some additional prayers for him today.

I also wanted to share with you a few photos Chris and Angie passed along to me of all the cards and letters hanging in Bradley's room!

I know Chris and Angie are so, so appreciative of all the love and support everyone is showing. Let's keep it up! We have re-ordered another set of bracelets, as the first set went so quickly! Thank you to all of you who have ordered and if you don't have a bracelet ordered yet, get one now :-)

There is a Chili Dinner benefit coming up that I will post more information on a bit later. It will be held on March 5th in Ankeny so mark your calenders and please attend if you can.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for your continued prayers. The more people praying the better so please keep spreading Bradley's story.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Channel 13 News Video

We're moving right along with the website development! I wanted to share with everyone the link to the Channel 13 news story that ran about Bradley. Here is the link http://www.whotv.com/videobeta/?watchId=c519e2ad-54c9-4cff-b08e-abae70afcf20

Chris and Angie have a meeting with doctor's today and ask that we all pray that God will give them the guidance needed in their journey.

Please visit www.carepages.com, sign up for a free account and search for BradleyAllen2. Chris and Angie are updating several times a day.

As always, thank you all for your prayers!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Donate on www.bradleys-story.com

We have added the links to donate $5 and receive a "Prayers for Bradley" bracelet (on the left side of the page) and we have also added a link to make a donation for any amount you choose (on the right side of the page).

Bracelets will begin being mailed out in the next couple of days so get yours now!!


Thanks for visiting our new website!

Bradley Allen, the adorable 2 year old in the photo to the left, is in a fight for his life. In the last two weeks Bradley has been diagnosed with a stage three Ependymoma brain tumor, undergone two brain surgeries and has started chemotherapy. Bradley's a fighter and we know he can win this battle, but we'll sure need all the prayers we can get!

You can watch a video of Bradley's Story here.

Please visit http://www.carepages.com/, sign up for a free account and search for BradleyAllen2 to stay up to date with Bradley's progress. His mom and dad, Chris and Angie Allen, are posting updates regularly there.

As we establish this site, we plan to have a link to make donations through PayPal, as well as a special donation link that will get you a "Prayers for Bradley" silicone bracelet to wear to show your support. We'll have permanent links to the site listed above, Bradley's Facebook support site, any news stories that are published, information on upcoming benefits and hopefully lots and lots of pictures!

Please bookmark the site and check back soon to see our new look and most importantly, please keep praying for Bradley and spreading his story. Thank you so much!

Write A Letter or Send a Card!

Write Bradley an Email! Send an E-Card to uplift him! Whatever it may be, he's sure to be happy to hear from you!

You can also mail a card to Bradley Allen c/o Blank Childrens Hospital 1200 Pleasant St. Des Moines, IA 50309

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Leave a Prayer or Message For Bradley

To leave a message or prayer please leave a comment on this post.