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Monday, February 15, 2010

A reason to give thanks to God and celebrate!

Bradley spoke today for the first time since his initial surgery!!

Here is a quote from Bradley's dad's Facebook page:
"If you don't believe in miracles....let me tell you of one! I was praying with the hospital priest, and right in the middle of praying for Bradleys quick recovery.......he said his first word.........he said mom! But he didn't say it just once....he said it three times! If that doesn't give you goose bumps and make you believe......then there is no hope for you! Thank you for all your prayers! Please continue and check out his site www.bradleys-story.com"

Thank you all for your prayers and please keep them coming. God is great and hears each and everyone one of us in our pleas for his help.


Callie said...

oh my, I bet you are so happy! I'm so happy for you! Here's to many more words to come!

Unknown said...

Stay strong...
Our prayers for you family.

Have you checked with St. Jude's Children's hospital in TN