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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bradley's on FB

Hello everyone! Just though I would give a quick update on Bradley. He has been doing amazing! He's continuing to accell in his therapys. He's been doing so well in fact they believe it may be time to consider preschool. He loves playing on the trampoline with all his bouncy balls (he insists that we buy him a new every day...good thing they're cheap lol). He still loves watching his Mario Brothers show and playing Mario on the Wii. He has recently took over my bed as he thinks it's his now to share with his mommy. Oh well the couch isn't too bad I guess. Bradley has his next mri at the end of the month back at St. Judes. We are still giving him the herbal remedy..It's been almost 4 months now and he has made huge gains while taking it. My long time friend, Bryan put togather a fundraiser through some of his friends and helped raise enough money to get us through the summer. Our days are very rich with Thankfulness and gratitude for all we have recieved for our precious little angel. We have recently added a facebook page for Bradley to make it easier to keep all of you engaged in Bradley's daily achievements and successes. So please visit his page, Bradley's story and like it and share with everyone you know. As always we love, thank, and appreciate all your thoughts and prayers

1 comment:

vikki said...

So happy to hear he's doing so well!!! Continued prayers for him and good to have him on facebook!