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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Bradley's last MRI revealed that he has no more tumors! His last surgery Had left a small amount of tumor wedged in between is vertabrets. Today marks 2 months since he started his newest treatment...an herbal suppliment. We noticed an immediate improvement in his general behavior. Since his previous surgery and radiation he had become very lathargic and non ambitious. Once we started giving him supplement he became ambitious, more energetic and much more alert. When he went to his last MRI the Dr.'s said he was like a new kid. We do have to watch for the potential of Necrosis(look it up for more info). Thanks to some great friends and the continued support of all you we are able to pay for this product. It is not covered by insurance and is quite costly, but that will not prevent us from getting it for him. My wife and I can not thank you all enough for helping us with finances and most importantly praying for Bradley. He has been fighting this battle for almost 2 1/2 years and continues to come out on top. There's another fundraising event on June 2nd at the House of Bricks @ 9pm. There will be live music and a silent auction for artwork donated by some very talented artist right here in Des Moines. For all you that would like to follow Bradley's daily improvements please clink on the Carepages tab and create a free user account and search for the name Bradleyallen2. God is Great!!

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