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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Hello everyone, I know I haven't done the best job updating the site... I'm terribly sorry:(

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Father's Day so far. Chris says he had a fantastic day working with people he loves and loves him. Of course he was thinking about Bradley and how much he misses him but also thought about all the great things they got to do before his time to go.

There was a garage sale yesterday to help raise the rest of the money to pay for the funeral. This helped tremendously with the funds. A huge thank you to all the help put it on and came to support the Allen family.

Chris has gotten a tattoo on his left shoulder of a portrait of Bradley driving a Mario Kart and wearing a Mario Hat just like he always wanted to do. Its not finished yet but when it is, I will definitely post some picture. What a great idea to keep Bradley's memory alive.

Brittney had her birthday party yesterday and she couldn't have been more happy. She was on cloud 9 with the gifts! Again, a giant thank you to everyone that could make it. The Allen family has some of the most true friends anyone could ask for.

As far as the other kids, they are all doing pretty well. Of course they have some questions and definitely keep Chris and Angie on their toes, but they get by each day with one another by their side.

That's all for now. Sorry all for the late post.

Peace, Love, and Chocolate Milk

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