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Friday, December 7, 2012

 It has been a while since we have posted on here, and for that I apologize. Since we created his Face Book page it is a lot easier to update on there. We have been in Memphis, Tenn. since Thanks Giving. They are internalizing his shunt as I type this and we will hopefully be going home in the very near future. We have tried every avenue available to beat his cancer and we have not given up hope and prayer, but medically we have exhausted all of our options. We will stay the course as we always have, how ever we are focused on the holidays right now. Our immediate goal is to make this our  best Christmas ever with the whole family, and then take a small trip some where we can make some life lasting memories. Thanks to a lot of great people helping us out we have been able to focus on our family thru this tough time and not worry so much about finances and for that we eternally grateful. If you haven't already, and are able please follow us on FB as it is much easier to update every day. His page is"Bradleys story". I pray that you all will have a blessed and very Merry Christmas.
 Much Love,

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